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Mindset Coaching with NLP

Despite your successes, do you ever battle the feeling that you’re not truly qualified or deserving of your leadership position?

Do you find it challenging to assert yourself, set boundaries, and delegate without fear of being perceived as “bossy”?

Do you struggle to project unwavering confidence and authority, especially in environments where you may be outnumbered by men?

Are you constantly second-guessing yourself, downplaying your achievements, or feeling afraid to take risks for fear of failure?

Do you wish you could communicate your ideas and vision with more power, persuasiveness, and impact?

Is it difficult to navigate challenging conversations, handle gender-based bias, and advocate for yourself in a way that feels both assertive and authentic?

Mindset Mastery Programs

16 Week Mindset Mastery Program

The Mindset Mastery Program is designed to help individuals develop a positive and empowering..

16 Week Mindset Shift Program

The Mindset Shift Program focuses on helping people shift their limiting beliefs and negative thoughts..

16 Week Abundance Mindset Program

The Abundance Mindset Program is designed to help individuals cultivate an abundance mindset..

I help women leaders

  • Recognise their worth, overcome imposter syndrome, and step into their power with unwavering confidence.

  • Set clear boundaries, assert themselves without apology, and claim their authority without fear of labels.

  • Cultivate unshakeable confidence and a strong leadership presence, especially in male-dominated spaces.

  • Silence self-doubt, embrace calculated risks, and develop a resilient, growth-oriented mindset.

  • Communicate persuasively, inspire their teams, and amplify their influence and impact.

  • Navigate gender bias, advocate for themselves effectively, and create more inclusive workplaces.

Popular Coaching Packages

On my premium coaching programs, I work one-on-one with my clients to help them develop a growth mindset, build their self-esteem, and overcome limiting beliefs.

mindset coaching with nlp

From Outsider to Empowering Leader: How My Journey Can Help You Thrive..

Words from my Clients

“Nyasha is an exceptional mindset coach who has greatly impacted my life. Her ability to guideand challenge me in a supportive manner has helped me break through my self-doubt and achieve
my goals. She is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in her field. I cannot recommend her enough.”

“Nyasha’s coaching sessions are like a breath of fresh air. She has a genuine passion for helping people overcome their mental barriers and unlock their full potential. Her positivity and enthusiasm are contagious, and I always leave our sessions feeling motivated and inspired. I highly recommend her services.”

“Working with Nyasha has been a life-changing experience. Her depth of knowledge and understanding of mindset coaching is unparalleled. She helped me overcome my limiting beliefs and guided me towards achieving my goals. I highly recommend her services”

“Nyasha’s coaching style is incredibly empowering and transformational. She has a unique ability to help you shift your mindset and achieve remarkable results. She is patient, compassionate, and truly invested in her clients’ success. I’m grateful for her guidance and highly recommend her.”

“Nyasha is an amazing mindset coach who has completely transformed my life. Her techniquesand insights allowed me to break free from negative patterns and achieve a level of success I never thought possible. I am forever grateful for her support and guidance.”

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